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Are you ready to expand your financial horizons?

Keen Finances offers a comprehensive service portfolio for businesses and consumers:
  • Business Funding
  • Business Credit Builder
  • Consumer Financing for Merchants
  • Personal Loans
  • Debt Relief Program
  • Start an LLC
  • File Your Taxes
Truman Money

We help clients position for the most important financial investments of their life.

Business Credit

Business Credit & Funding

We will help you ESTABLISH and BUILD business credit so you can qualify for business funding in your business’ name, separate from your personal credit!
Consumer Financing for Merchants

Consumer Financing

Merchants can now offer their customers flexible financing options anywhere a sale takes place. Pre-approve in minutes on $500-$35,000.
Tax Preparation

Instant Tax Refund

Our expert team offers fast and accurate tax preparation services, with competitive pricing, superior customer service and personalized attention to detail.
Personal Loans

Personal Loans

We’ve brought many of the best loan providers to one place to help you quickly and easily secure the funds you need.
Start an LLC

Start a Business

Need to incorporate your business or organization? We form & file an organization for profit and non-profit.
Debt Relief Program

Debt Relief Program

Secure a Single Affordable Monthly Payment • Be Debt Free In 20 to 48 Months • Complimentary Debt Evaluation & Consultation

Want to talk to a credit expert?

Book a one-on-one phone or zoom meeting to discuss your financial situation and what we can do to help you open new financial opportunities.